A Rose Re-View

The rose re-view is simply the most uniquely creative presentation of spiritual material I will probably ever encounter.”
—F.A., writer/composer, Los Angeles

symbol, (sim´bel), n. sym-together, variant of syn-,
bol-related to that of balein- to throw,
ball, dancing party, from Greek symbolon

A rose re-view is a comprehensive spiritual overview of your life.  It uses the power of symbolism and metaphor to convey deeper meaning. This energetic snapshot helps you understand and re-vision a broader picture of your life with increased compassion, clarity and insight. The session highlights your strengths and challenges and reveals current opportunities for growth.

Karen has evolved a one-of-a-kind way to clairvoyantly describe you using the rich metaphor of a rose. Each rose is highly individual and conveys specific information about the key perceptions that determine your experiences.

This session provides a solid symbolic backdrop to see and live your life in a whole new way. You’ll gain a heightened awareness of your:

  • relationship to yourself and how others perceive you
  • receptivity to abundance
  • prosperity programming
  • creativity
  • family influences
  • inherent gifts
  • beneficial and detrimental patterns
  • hidden limiting beliefs
  • relevant past life histories
  • relationship to Higher Guidance

Seeing your life symbolically allows you to transcend your judgments and instill fresh insights.  As a result, a wealth of profound possibilities opens up for you.

Symbolism is a bridge between the known and unknown.

—Jonathan Young, PhD, www.folkstory.com

Why is the symbol a healer? The image works on your imagination, it works on your emotional body, it works on your thinking, and on your intellect.  So for a moment your intellect, emotion, and imagination are one.  You are whole. The image clicks, and your whole being says “Yes!

—Marion Woodman, Stepping Over the Threshold

We live our lives on the basis of inferences we derive via metaphor.”

—George Lakoff and Mark Johnson, Metaphors We Live By

A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The rose re-view is an excellent starting point for Karen’s other sessions.

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Length:  90 minutes

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email Karen@livelovelaughmore.com.

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“Growth means
participating more
fully in Love.”
- Jonathan

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