Field Work-Constellations

“Really helpful work is beyond thinking.”

—Bert Hellinger and Hunter Beaumont, Touching Love, Volume 2

karen Field work Constellations A field work session is a fascinating way to gain insight and find resolution for any area of your life. Field work shows you the underlying energetic dynamic of any system—family, business, health, nature or belief, so you can see where energy is blocked and identify opportunities for allowing in greater harmony.

Using the principles of family constellation and transgenerational therapy, ‘field’ refers to the greater field of consciousness within which we all exist.  Sometimes referred to as the knowing field, the luminous energy field, the quantum matrix or in scientific terms the unified, morphogenetic, electromagnetic or holographic field, it is the binding field that connects each being to all other conscious life.

Each of us has an energetic field that is continually expressing itself, with or without our conscious awareness of it.  Feelings and emotions influence our energy and what we choose to do with them affects what we create and how others react to us. When we begin to see the energy behind our actions and what drives it, we can more effectively use it to create mutually beneficial relationships with others.

Field work physically illustrates where energy is stagnant and reveals possibilities for forward movement. It shows you where the weak links in any system are and what might strengthen them. Done one on one or in a group setting, as you represent different aspects or people in your life, you are able to feel the emotions of who or what you represent.  Your body also viscerally downloads this information and is guided into a natural position that reflects these feelings.  The result is a clear physical representation of where energy is flowing and where it is stuck.  Once you see a concrete reflection of the energetic dynamic, you can begin to see the truth behind your assessment of events.  Standing in someone else’s shoes gifts you with compassion, clarity, and a broader understanding of events. You get an external picture of your internal information, which allows you to see it more clearly and tangibly work with it to resolve longstanding challenges.

With field work it’s possible to:

Clearly address your problem and find resolution

  • Experience events from another person’s perspective
  • Increase your compassion
  • Discard destructive family patterns and create healthy relationships
  • Understand what’s blocking you from a prosperous future
  • See the difference between truth and your emotional assessments of events
  • Make beneficial business choices
  • Learn how to increase productivity, profit and flow
  • Receive insight on the origins of illness
  • Release trauma
  • Trace the underlying causes of discord
  • Undo entanglements and choose heartfelt forgiveness
  • Let go of unresolved issues that you unknowingly carry for previous generations
  • Allow more love to flow

All limits are imposed until exposed.”


“All is One.”

This experiential format relies on the conscious field to illuminate the underlying, often hidden truths of your specific situation.  By tapping into this available field with the intention of affecting the highest benefit for all concerned, you receive profound insights that encourage you to re-instill the flow of love into all areas of your life.

Done one on one or in a group setting

To request a session, click here

Length:  90 minutes

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email

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