Incite InsightTM

Speak a new language and the world is a new world.”


Incite ( in sit´), v., to stimulate or prompt to action

Insight (in sit´), v., n., glimpse or view beneath the surface,
understanding the inner nature or character of something,
sudden perception of a solution to a problem

Bhasha (ba sha), n., v., light, to shine, to illuminate
Bhasha (ba sha) n., language
Sanskrit, one of the world’s oldest known languages

karen Incite InsightYour Word=Your World

What if you discovered the most powerful tool for creation is within your reach? Imagine having 14,000 opportunities a day* to make an impact—plus an endless supply of creative resources!  Re-introducing…


In this groundbreaking new session, you’ll experience the power of your words and how

to harness your capacity to consciously craft a life you love.

Using her exceptional toolbox of transformational skills, Karen has developed an exciting interactive technique to access the words that block or unlock your progress.

Learn what specific words hold the keys to your wellbeing and how to unleash a flood of potent possibilities by tapping into them.  See their effects, test their influence and reprogram them for magnetizing your personal success.

Discover how certain words lock limits into the body—and learn how to free them from their frozen state. ‘Frozen in time” means your body is storing past experiences and the words are keeping them alive, or current for you. Karen helps you discharge past negative conditioning and replace it with truth.

The words you choose determine the experiences you have. Similar to life support, when applied with care words can restore vitality or, when used indiscriminately can prolong pain.  Some words thrive with aliveness while others are pale and ailing. Words are terms—terms and agreements that are encoded by the body.

Understand what codes you’ve unconsciously chosen to live by and how to re-lease your contract.  Find out what words hold the keys to your creativity and which ones keep you stymied .

Incite Insight offers you a revolutionary new way to use language and

see which words cause you to lose power and which ones allow you to restore it

  • unlock hidden blocks to prosperity
  • harness your creative power
  • effectively express yourself
  • empower your voice
  • reclaim your patience
  • recover buried dreams and discover their worth

Karen helps you recognize the profound impact of your words.  By revealing what lies beneath the surface of your conscious awareness, she assists you to free yourself from past conditioning and reclaim your joy for life.

“The word and its meaning are nothing without each other, just as Sun and sunlight, fire and heat have no absolutely separate existence.”

Judith M. Tyborg, The Language of the Gods

Money is the currency of matter.  Words are the currency of the soul.”

—Debashish Banerji, PhD.

*the average person speaks 14,000 words per day

To request a session, click here

Length:  90 minutes

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email


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