My Story
-The Accident That Waited to Happen

Consciousness found me.  It introduced itself in 1992 during a car crash.

An hour after the collision, my eyes open to a sea of panicked faces staring down at me. Their features, distorted with fear, resemble circus mirror reflections.  Intense fear and commotion circulate around me, but I feel entirely detached from it.  A man’s distraught voice screams, “It’s a miracle she’s alive!  It’s a miracle she’s alive!”  His tone vibrates with terror and I’m concerned it might impede the supreme sense of calm I’m uncharacteristically feeling. As the chaos continues, I feel a desire to be elsewhere.

A gentle force of light so bright, loving, and serene envelops me that I instinctively let my senses expand and allow an upward passage. I sense an immense support, though it’s not clear why I need it.  A feeling of guided ascension ensues and the next thing I know I’m viewing the wreckage from an aerial vantage point. I’ve entered a dimension where my essence is alive and thriving, more peaceful than previously known, but without its physical casing.  Serenity reigns.  I notice the backs of people far below bent over an immobile body and gradually realize…it’s mine. They move in frantic spurts among each other as they attempt to summon help. I can’t relate to their distress from my calm and blissful elevated position.

I feel at home, yet know it’s not where I spend my days.  I’m aware there’s a difference in how time is experienced here; my whole life feels as if it’s taken place in a nanosecond.  I sense the presence of a welcoming guide. My awareness extends beyond the two of us and the place feels teeming with guides.

All communication is understood instantaneously without words or effort;  hyper-attunement is the norm. I feel a strange combination of matter-of-fact and ecstatic—wholly surrounded with love, wellbeing, and a quiet assuredness I am where I’m supposed to be. Such ease never occurs to me while in my body, where I often feel out of place.

Below me a rectangular image forms on the right side of the horizon. As it comes into view, the proportions look like a child’s railroad set seen from above.  Instead of a train, I recognize an ambulance and watch it arrive from the distance. I notice several large numbers on top of the vehicle, which strikes me as an odd place to paint something.

My being follows the siren’s vibration and without transition I find myself looking up instead of down.  Once again I’m viewing the world from within my body, whose cuts now burn as I get placed onto a stretcher. Scorched dirt and charred rubber saturate my throat. Authoritative bodies strap me in, and my sense of expansion immediately shrinks back to the boundaries of my injured body, where claustrophobia and searing pain fill in the contours.  Each movement leaves a pile of mashed glass in its wake.


Words Seal What’s Real

When I returned to my physically aware state, I brought back with me newly recovered knowledge of another dimension of existence. I also came back with brain functioning that was challenged to replicate its previous feats, and void of vocabulary to articulate what had transpired. My attempted explanations recalled an earlier memory of snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.   I tried to describe the sensation of putting my head underwater and discovering a parallel world of spectacular beauty and grace that I hadn’t previously known existed; a world that had been there all along, but that seemed to vanish as soon as I pulled my head up.  In both cases, a vibrant life force existed regardless of whether or not I could see it.  I wanted to convey how palpable my out-of-body experience (OBE) was, but my lexicon couldn’t pull up a match for it; it was threatening to and outside of anything I had ever been taught.

The only available language was inaccurate and misleading.  Medical records labeled me unconscious for fifty-two minutes, though never before had I experienced such Loving Consciousness.  Instead of making sense I sensed a Maker.  What felt natural had to be called “supernatural,” and ‘super’ meant less-than-great. What occurred seemed normal, yet had to be described as “paranormal.” Prefixes fixed each adjective outside the domain of  what was possible.  I was near death, but felt more alive than ever. It was considered an emergency, but something Divinely-inspired had emerged.   I began to understand how a language gap could limit possibility. I began to see how language determines reality…how our words create our world.

Years of ensuing sleeplessness due to seizures caused by the injury became a divine wake-up call.  In an effort to recover my brainpower, I enrolled in college to reactivate the lapsed synapses. Language classes reconnected me to my capacity to communicate, though I’d been receiving influxes of information for years without considering it ‘extra’ ordinary.

As a child, words used to appear in my dreams.  I’d wake up and ask my parents the definition of a certain formation of letters that had appeared the night before, and be told to “go look it up”, my mind recording the symbolic meaning of which direction held the answers. Once at the dictionary, I discovered the term that explained the previous night’s images. I couldn’t yet assimilate it, but I was being taught the power of words to re-present reality. I always loved language, yet it was years before I understood how articulation was directly tied to creation.

At sixteen I lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa for a decade, immersing myself in different languages and cultures. During my travels I learned how words and meaning traveled; how the power of intention was transmitted from one person to another. Once back in the States, the car accident drove home the understanding that if there weren’t words to express something, it would remain no thing.

Letting in More Love:  How it began

After the collision I continued to look for possibilities to improve my condition and express the depth of what I had been shown along the way.   During a cranio-sacral therapy session I first became aware of my capacity as a channel, though at the time I didn’t have a name for what was happening. My journaling at home began to expand on insights I received during my session.  After spontaneously guided writings I was led to a teacher, internationally acclaimed Shawn Randall, who showed me how to refine my gift and use it to access higher levels of consciousness. The experience was so transformative that I felt compelled to share it because I knew this glimpse of magnificence was available to everyOne.  Since then it’s become a pleasure without measure lifting people beyond a view of what they’ve chosen as possible and helping reconnect them to their inherent magnificence.

When you awaken to your innate greatness, you love who you are, who you can become, and each other.

The universe wouldn’t let me sleep until I awakened to my calling.  I now consider it my heartfelt honor and joy to help you awaken to yours.

Vow to allow a life full of wonder.

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops , please call 1-310-804-9861 or email

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- Jonathan

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