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Dear Fellow Friend,

Welcome to my list of services in service of you!

Thank you for your interest in discovering yourself more deeply and growing what you love!  Allow me to invite you on a journey of your inner landscapes where you discover how to live your most powerful and joy-filled life!

My intention is to expand your ideas of what you’ve chosen as possible and inspire you to live love and laugh more fully from now on.

All sessions are designed to facilitate profound insights and provide you with simple tools to access your immense inner resources. You’ll enjoy and strengthen the depth and breadth of who you already are!

Wishing you ongoing wonder, wellness, and a wealth of love,


Connecting You to Your Innate Greatness

“A desire is the spirit that aspires to inspire”—Jonathan

Desire (di zi r´), v., n.  de- of + sidus -heavenly body,
stars wish for,
what the stars will bring

A session with Karen speaks directly to your heart and guides you to listen to your soul.  Her warm, open character and down-to-earth approach create a compassionate environment to safely explore your challenges. Her ability to reflect the beauty of who you truly are fosters a profound self-acceptance that allows you to open, share and express yourself more lovingly.

Karen is a skilled channel, intuitive, and energy healer who excavates deep-rooted obstacles and shows you where you’ve blocked yourself from loving. She combines profound intuition and extensive training to uncover what your soul desires and help you live that in your life. She offers you simple, practical tools that teach you to tap into your Inner wisdom and create desired changes with grace and ease.

As a gifted facilitator she holds a sacred space for you to experience your divine nature. Awareness received from Karen’s sessions unearths a clear path to inspired living. Enjoy who you already are!

People who’ve experienced Karen’s work consistently affirm that her sessions help you:

  • Gain insight and clarity
  • Allow more joy, play and love into all areas of your life
  • Enjoy deeper, more loving relationships
  • Overcome self-defeating beliefs and patterns
  • Diminish stifling fears and self-doubt
  • Fulfill your creative goals
  • Alleviate stress
  • Embody your purpose(s)
  • Improve your business
  • Release shame and anxiety
  • Reconcile past trauma
  • Let go of resentment and harsh judgments
  • Trust your Inner guidance
  • Nurture your spiritual practice
  • Effectively communicate
  • Experience peace
  • Move forward with an inspired plan of action
  • Value yourself and recognize your magnificence

A variety of services are available to match your specific concerns. Each session is uniquely tailored to your personal challenges and brings more love, laughter and wonder-filled awareness into all areas of your life.

When was the last time you fully lived and loved your life? .

Discover how— BEGIN now!

If you’d like to know more about how people have benefited from Karen’s sessions,  view here

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email

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“Growth means
participating more
fully in Love.”
- Jonathan

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