Channeled Consultations

“…thought provoking and love-invoking…”

—A.J., guidance counselor, Silverlake, CA

Channel (chan´ l), n., v.  The deepest part of a stream of water through which the main current flows; a strait that facilitates connection between two important land masses in order to allow passage, conveying and transmitting, from Latin canalis

karen Channeled ConsultationWhat would it take for you to allow yourself to live love and laugh more fully?

A channeled consultation is an opportunity to go from tunnel to peripheral vision and enjoy the expanded view.  It helps you see where you’ve stopped allowing life to flow— where you’ve blocked yourself from loving, and assists you to re-open the pathways.

Through years of training and honing her gift, Karen receives information from a multidimensional loving being named Jonathan and relays it in a conversational format that addresses your questions with wisdom and insight. By bridging the gap between you and your higher guidance, you learn to replace self-imposed limits with nurturing habits that uplift your integrity.

A channeled consultation can help you:

  • recognize and value your innate gifts plus inspire you to share them
  • identify habitual thought patterns and reorient them toward loving action
  • alleviate stress
  • commit to your creativity
  • cultivate your inner guidance
  • replace limiting perceptions with self-permission to thrive
  • have fun
  • feel fulfilled
  • deepen self-acceptance and confidence
  • understand how your words create your world
  • align your inner wisdom with outer action
  • access profound insights
  • discover and live your soul desires


A channeled session invites you to unwind constricting thoughts and surpass the limits of what you’ve chosen as possible.

Enjoy in joy!

To request a session, click here.

Length:  90 minutes

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email

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“Growth means
participating more
fully in Love.”
- Jonathan

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