Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many sessions do you recommend?

The number of sessions you choose to experience depends on the depth and immediacy of your issue, how ingrained your beliefs and habits are, how much you’d like to discover about yourself and how committed you are to your personal growth.  I encourage you to trust your own discernment to gage each of these factors in determining your path of action.  Once you experience the benefits of a session you’ll receive a deeper understanding of when to come in.

In most cases the situations you find yourself in are directly related to patterns that have been acquired over a lifetime. Although it only takes an instant to make a different choice, complete and sustainable healing tends to occur in phases.

I suggest four sessions as a starting guideline that allows for the various stages of your healing process to take root; to discover resources, identify and uproot patterns, and to develop and implement consistent new behaviors that support your desired changes.

Metaphorically speaking, initial sessions often involve clearing the weeds from your garden, pulling up all the nonnative species and creating space to plant something new.   Subsequent sessions can then focus on tilling the soil, choosing what kind of new seeds to plant, and learning how to tend to them—discovering how much water or fertilizer they need and where to place them in relation to the sun, all of which are important to understand in order to enjoy the harvest and reap the benefits.

People from all walks of life come in for a wide variety of reasons.  The frequency of sessions can range from twice a week to once a year and everything in between.   Most sessions have suggested practices for you to do at home that help you maximize your results and build a solid foundation for the welcome shifts that you create.  Each session is tailored to your specific needs and is as unique as you are.  All sessions foster independence and trust in your own guidance.

Many times people experience huge shifts on their desired issue in a single session, however it’s essential to understand that commitment and consistency are key to anchoring in the ongoing benefits.

Consistent sessions contribute to consistent results.

I offer single sessions as well as introductory and advanced packages to support you to live love and laugh more fully.


2. How do I prepare for a session?

Please click on the “Preparation for a Session” link, where you’ll find welcoming instructions and a brief questionnaire to help you clarify what you would most like to receive from the session.


3.   What is channeling?

To channel is to intentionally receive information and insights from a higher level of loving consciousness.   A professional channel is a person who facilitates a connection between you and your Higher Wisdom in order to help you discover the joy of being in your daily life.  Over time, a channel helps you communicate with your own guides.

Channeling is a natural altered state of consciousness in which the brain enters a theta state, as with dreaming and meditation, where everyday distractions are replaced by a sharper awareness.  When you sense your instincts or are inspired, for example, you’re tuning in to the channel of communication available between physical and nonphysical realities.

In scientific terms, quantum physicists cite channeling as an example of “quantum nonlocality,” or the capacity for the material and immaterial to cohesively interact.

In layperson’s terms, a channel is someone who is able to merge the different dimensions for the purpose of accessing supportive and loving information to heal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.


4.  How can Karen, as a skilled intuitive/clairvoyant help me?

A skilled intuitive can enhance all of your interpersonal relationships by showing you the deeper truths underneath the surface of any situation. Karen can help you uncover hidden belief systems that may be sabotaging your desired actions, and guide you with compassion toward creating practical, joyful, new ways of living that support your highest wellbeing.  By illuminating unconscious behavioral patterns and assisting you to identify healthier alternatives, you learn to create a clear path based on your integrity.

Clairvoyance literally means  “clear sight”, or seeing clearly colors, pictures, images and energy that appear beyond what your eyes can see. These insights highlight your natural and acquired gifts and strengths, and a responsible clairvoyant can teach you to become ‘response-able’, or how to draw on your gifts and strengths to respond with your highest abilities to any situation.  In showing you how your behavior is or is not supporting a spiritually harmonious path of action, Karen can help you transcend your fears and put you back in touch with your core knowing.

In business, this clarity can be used to refine vision, understand the inner workings of organizations, and identify potentially beneficial partnerships in order to align inner purpose with outer action.


5. Do readings include predictions?

No.  A prediction, besides being potentially inaccurate, fails to recognize that everything is written in pencil, no matter how it appears in the moment.  It leaves out the possibility for divine will and free will to come in and alter circumstances.

Rather than look at “When will you…”   we look at “How can you…”

We discover what you’re currently doing that is enhancing or diminishing the possibilities to create your desired situation.  We look at the paths for greatest potential harmony, and how to access your innate gifts.

I help you see what’s underneath the surface of your conscious awareness so that you can make informed choices from a highly centered place.

I ask that all information be for the highest benefit of all concerned. Lasting change comes from personally responding to and integrating the insights you receive from your session.


5. What are constellations?

Family Constellations are a therapeutic format practiced in more than 30 countries. A Family Constellation is a way to understand and heal destructive family patterns and create a new foundation that strengthens both the individual and their family.

A constellation illuminates where people have disconnected from themselves and one another, and re-opens the flow of love into the family system.  It allows us to see the profound impact that unresolved family events of the past can have on us and reveals deep insights about why we feel the way we feel.

According to recent studies in epigenetics, we inherit emotional and behavioral imprints from our ancestors.  Oftentimes these imprints contain the unresolved issues of earlier generations. This unconscious coding can determine the quality of our current relationships, as well as our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

A constellation focuses on showing you where the vitality in the system has been cut off and where there is room for more harmony.  By bringing to light what has been unspoken of or hidden, it traces the roots of a problem to their energetic source and offers possibilities to heal the original wound.

These possibilities allow for compassion and healing into areas where there has previously been only stagnancy and pain. As a result, a constellation can resolve long-standing conflicts and deep-seated resentments. You receive a new vision that unlocks you from your old story. Love and vitality are re-established into the family system. With the healing of generations of pain comes a deep-felt peace that reverberates now and for generations to come.


Constellations can also be set up for your business, personal, relationship or health challenges—any area of your life can be improved and understood with more depth when viewed through the broader perspective of a constellation.


6.  What happens during a constellation workshop?

A workshop starts with a pressing issue that you want to resolve, often one that is long-standing and creating blocks to your current progress. It can involve family, business, nature, pets, creativity, abundance, health, relationships—any aspect of your life that feels stuck.

Karen asks you gentle questions to gather important background information about your current challenges. You are then asked to intuitively choose and place fellow workshop attendees to represent members of your family or other people involved in the issue.

The representatives are instructed to ‘feel into their body’ and to allow themselves to follow their natural impulses without speaking.

At this point an amazing phenomenon occurs, one that requires no previous experience or specific belief:  the representatives begin feeling the emotions of the family member or person they are representing. Their body language then starts to reflect these emotions, revealing a clear snapshot of the underlying family, business, or situational dynamic.

Talking is minimal and limited to healing statements guided by Karen and the representatives themselves. These statements begin unraveling stuck entanglements of the past and allow their movement, so that each person can once again find their place of harmony within the family, or their community at large.

Constellations can assist us in restoring our sense of belonging—to both our families and communities, resulting in greater peace, acceptance and love in all areas of our lives.

Constellations were originally designed to draw on the power of the group to support the client. For those who prefer complete privacy, however, they can also be done ‘blindly’, meaning only you and Karen are aware of the issue being set up.  Despite being unaware of the specifics about whom they are representing, the representatives still receive the same energetic download of information, allowing you an opportunity to get an external picture of your internal information, and to receive newly-revealed healing insights.  A constellation can also be done one-on-one with Karen.

To learn more about the scientific research that supports this phenomenon, one of the best explanations can be found in the work of renowned biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, who documents a field of energy called the morphic field, that connects people, places and animals, and has memory and influence.


7.  Are the sessions religious?

The work is distinct from any specific religious denomination.  People from a variety of religions and many different spiritual backgrounds have strengthened their faith via deep listening and integration of the guidance heard.

All sessions honor and welcome the Divine Presence and if desired, seek to support your own communion with Source.  Each session is intended to deepen personal awareness of the Sacred in your everyday life.

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email

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