Soul Memory Reyounion

Welcome to re-membering who you are!

The Soul Memory session accomplished more immediate growth and awakening in two hours than many years of high-quality therapy.”

—Adam R., attorney

Union (yoon´yen), n., a uniting or being united,for some special purpose, found in Latin unio-, oneness,in the meaning of a single pearl or onion,borrowed from Middle French


Do you feel stuck without knowing why?

Soul Memory ReYOUnion (SMR)  is a gentle, effective, empowering session that enables you to get to the origin of longstanding issues and clear them by accessing the memory banks of your soul.

Would you like to break free of destructive thought patterns and fully enjoy your life?

SMR accurately identifies and releases the source of distress and the behaviors associated with it. This creates powerful shifts which are life-enhancing and permanent and that allow you to immediately begin feeling better.

Adapted from the inspired work of Ellen Kaufman Dosick, LCSW, SMR is based on the understanding that just as our physical bodies have memories, so do our auric fields.   Many of these memories are helpful and contribute to our wellbeing; others can create limiting, self-destructive beliefs that become unconscious rules we live by, resulting in pain and distress.

With Soul Memory ReYOUnion you can begin to:

  • release unhealthy attachments
  • heal destructive life patterns
  • let go of anger and resentment
  • live your purpose(s) fully
  • focus your energies
  • improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • experience renewed joy and fulfillment
  • allow and enjoy prosperity
  • connect more fully with your guidance
  • deepen self-acceptance

The session has three distinct parts:

1) clearing your energy field through a simple process of yes-no questions

2) releasing current karmic issues or previous life histories and the behavioral patterns associated with them

3) looking at soul relationships, life missions and guides

Are your beliefs holding you back?

Soul Memory ReYOUnion uses the sacred power of language to access your unconscious negative beliefs and clear their influence. Especially effective for those who sense that life can be more fulfilling but feel held back by self-sabotaging habits.

Recover the essence of who you are and let it lead you where you’d love to be.

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Length: 2-3 hours, can be done in one or two sessions


To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email

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- Jonathan

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