“I’m in the healing field and have access to numerous health professionals, but whenever a big challenge comes up I choose to see Karen because she has profound wisdom and a wide variety of tools to get to the root of an issue.  Her gentle acceptance provides a safe environment that leads to clarity of direction.  I’ve gained deep insights that have changed my life.  No one’s doing anything like this.

I whole-heartedly feel she’s immensely helpful.  I’ve recommended people from all walks of life and each one raved about their sessions with Karen.”

-Elaine Wilkes, PhD, Hay House author, Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden in Plain Sight

“When I first met Karen, my life was at a standstill.  Somehow I had stalled and in spite of doing many things to try and change my life, or jumpstart it, I was not moving forward.

Within a month following my first meeting with Karen, new people and new energy began filtering in, and after only a few meetings, within 6 months I had taken on a new path that promised to fulfill my dreams in a way that I had never seen before.  Every session with her brings new direction, fresh ideas and a spring forward.”

—Rachel K. writer/lawyer, Los Angeles


At first I was skeptical of working with Karen and Jonathan.  However that cleared in less than 10 minutes into the first session when I realized I was witnessing an authentic phenomenon of great value that was beyond ordinary human capability and intellect. The work has been providing me consistent insights into people, partnerships, and opportunities.  The sessions have provided me an ‘A-ha moment’ at least every few minutes.

It aided the company I manage in corporate decision-making processes.  It also provided me personally with tools and methodologies of reasoning, critical thinking, business relationships, and ways of examining situations on my own.  Perhaps MBA schools will get there in a hundred years.  In short, it is ‘business coaching on steroids.’

I would highly recommend this experience for both business and personal breakthroughs.”

—J.E., software executive, Los Angeles


I first came in due to the wreckage of a lost love relationship.  I was genuinely shocked to realize that I’d been inadvertently seeking suffering throughout my life.  This was a watershed life event because by becoming conscious of this fact, with the channel’s guidance, I was able to align my intention with my soul’s deepest wish:  to celebrate and foster a life of happiness and joy.  I’m now happily married and choosing to court, welcome and embrace joy. Every part of me has changed and grown as a result of my work with Karen. I sincerely believe that everyone’s life would be improved by going to see her.”

—K.K., psychotherapist, Los Angeles


“Karen Seeberg is amazing!  Her psychic powers are startling, and seem to keep growing and developing over time.  What strikes me most about her is the strong undercurrent of love and kindness that flows through everything she does in these sessions.  She genuinely cares about her clients.  She’s continually developing her abilities and evolving new techniques to help people discover themselves and live the lives they were meant to live.

For a former materialist-skeptic like me, the sheer volume of spot-on psychic information she delivered was permanently life-changing. But even more incredible was the practicality, specificity and timeliness of her guidance.  Whether it came through Karen or Jonathan, I have used and cherished each morsel of these suggestions and I have seen immediate results in my life by heeding them.  Thanks to Karen’s exquisite guidance, I am squarely on a spiritual path that I could not have imagined even a year ago.

The Soul Memory session accomplished more immediate growth and awakening in 2 hours than many years of high-quality therapy.

Same for the Rose Re-view, which dove straight into more important and insightful issues in one session than I ever thought possible.

This woman is an absolute treasure waiting to be discovered by those lucky enough to learn about her.  For those who are ready, Karen Seeberg is the real deal.

—Adam R., attorney


“My session with Karen and Jonathan was deeply profound and life-changing.  Every question I asked was answered with loving wisdom, humor and extremely practical guidance.  The meeting was more useful and accurate than any other reading or spiritual consultation I have ever experienced.  I highly recommend Karen and Jonathan to anyone seeking help and guidance from any plane, spiritual or otherwise.”

—W. Colter, composer/producer, Tujunga, CA


“It is with deepest respect and gratitude that I share with you the tremendous impact that Karen has had on my life.

Through a combination of rose re-views and channeled consultations, and along with her guide Jonathan, Karen Seeberg has given me deeper insight and understanding about myself and how I relate to others. She brought out what I could not see.  Her spiritual connection has given me a conscious awareness of my own gifts, talents, relationships and beliefs and helped me resolve issues I’ve held onto from the past.  With this incredibly clear insight, I’ve been able to completely shift out of several limiting patterns and beliefs systems and progress into living my life with self-acceptance, ease, and a deeper enjoyment of my experiences.  With each session I feel much lighter and brighter, and with each passing day, I only realize the gift that is Karen, more and more. The tireless, unconditional love she exudes and the tools she provides make her an unlimited resource for growth and discovery!

I am eternally grateful!

—Ivana Siska, life coach, Los Angeles


“Jonathan creates an environment of freedom, sincerity and good cheer!

His enthusiastic and unflagging investigation into the heart of any matter I’ve brought to him has opened the road to clarifying and vitalizing my understanding that my own life is my Path. My work with Karen and Jonathan has helped me recognize that manifesting my essential gifts IS my purpose.  It changed my belief system about how much I am allowed to let my light shine. ”

—O-Lan Jones, actress, composer, producer, full-service artist, Los Angeles


“As a result of my work with Karen I now feel fulfilled.  Where I used to have a void and uneasiness about my life and existence, I now feel full and calm.  The best thing is the enjoyment I receive from the reawakening of my childlike innocence, sense of fun and playfulness, and the adult confidence to trust and love myself enough to express it.  I’m now happy just being…me.

With Karen’s help, guidance, and removal of unbalancing energies, I’ve worked through childhood issues and turned them around.  To see and feel the positive effects of this work right in front of me fills me with joy and gratitude.

I trust her completely.  I am completely comfortable putting my closest friends and family members in her hands.  I do this because of her integrity and commitment to serving their highest good.”

—Kirk Nielsen, author/speaker, The Oneness of Us, Salt Lake City


“Karen Seeberg’s guidance is so fantastically valid and efficaciously gracious.  I have worked with her many times over the past three years and it has consistently moved me into more fulfillment, maturity, and integrity.  Her precision with language, pin-pointing the stickler areas, has been a key to unlocking my own buried treasure chests of insights.  Her provocative and incisive questioning opened doors to previously unexplored territory within me.  Her channeling work has been uncannily spot-on in locating hindrances to my development and transforming them into allies.  Her foresight has provided fuel and direction for my own motivation.

With her guidance, support, and skills I have come to understand, nurture, recognize, operate, and celebrate all of me better.  I have seen more clearly the source of encumbering patterns, which, then, through her skilled imagery work and guidance, led to the dissolution of them.  I literally could not repeat them anymore, could not speak certain words formerly contributing to them.  I have become more confident, empathetic, liberated and loving as a result of the work:  more and more myself.”

—Marianne Choquet, PhDc, professor, writer, University of Barcelona, Spain


“I ABSOLUTELY L-O-V-E-D my session.  You are such a master, Karen.

EVERY session I have had with your array of expertise is so completely and elegantly administered in every detail.

I always feel in such expert and loving hands, held by your heart in an expanded time and place in which I inevitably and profoundly transform.”

—Alison Mezey, jewelry designer, Los Angeles


“Karen Seeberg is one of the most patient, compassionate and loving people I have ever met.  She gives of herself to offer clients insight into their lives. My life has always been about self-discovery and Karen facilitated more movement in one year than I experienced through most of my life.  Whether aiding me to see the trajectory of my life with the rose re-views, her channeling of the most loving Jonathan, or the clearing Soul Memory work, she constantly provided herself as a vessel for my growth.

If you care about revealing yourself to yourself then Karen is a gift you most definitely will appreciate. I appreciate her for all she has helped me uncover and discover about myself. There are really no words to describe how profoundly her work has changed my life.”

—KRL, actress, Los Angeles


“I have found Karen and Jonathan’s guidance to be a true blessing.  Jonathan’s wisdom and higher universal perspective has supported me to deepen my connection to Self and clarify my authentic life-purpose.  The guidance is extremely practical and of the highest integrity.  It has touched my life in very tangible ways that have resulted in palpable shifts and changes in both my inner perspective and outer life.  I consider Karen Seeberg to be a master channel who, in my experience, does this work from a place of commitment, service, integrity and joy.”

—Tal Shai, M.A., counseling psychology, university teacher, Israel


“The biggest problem Karen helped me solve was that life is not a problem to be solved; it is something to be discovered by following my deepest bliss.

Her strikingly accurate psychic abilities, stable and strong psychological rooted-ness and positive and respectful energy allowed me to look at myself without fear and judgment, and instead, with perceptivity, curiosity, trust and playfulness.

I learned to liberate myself from self-criticism. Karen introduced me to training my attention to notice the positive and to stay simple and practical in front of challenges.  She has the extraordinary gift of seeing another person and reflecting that back.  I feel I now know more clearly how to live life fully, and to discover myself in an ongoing, playful and utterly complete way.

What she is offering is totally unique and I believe is deeply needed by both the helpers in the world and those seeking help.”

—Adaya Walsh, psychotherapist, Beverly Hills

To schedule a private consultation or find out about upcoming workshops, please call (310) 804-9861 or email Karen@livelovelaughmore.com.

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