She said children were the most vulnerable part of the community and everyone, including the court, had a responsibility to protect them. She said it was “deeply troubling” the woman thought she had the right to assault her children. In the third, she said the brother had called again and that she could not wake her parents because they were asleep.When police arrived to check on the family the girl said her mum had smacked her on the shoulder and back that morning.Police saw a red mark the size of a tennis ball on her shoulder and a red mark about 15 centimetres in length on her lower back.The girl’s father told police he and the mother had problems with the girl coming out of her room at night and getting her brother to watch cartoons.The mother, 30, yelled at police, “I can smack my f ing kids if I want to as long as the mark doesn’t last for 24 hours,” the documents say.Speaking to police later, the girl said her mother smacked her several times that day and that she was “scaring her” by saying she would go to foster care.The woman later pleaded guilty to a count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.At a sentencing in the ACT Magistrates Court, the woman’s defence lawyer said the guilty plea meant the daughter would not have to give evidence at a hearing.The lawyer said the woman was a victim of domestic violence, and every time she had tried to leave the violent relationship the man threatened to “hunt her down and kill her.”.

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